Our team is extremely happy to announce that the MMV Rail Romania training center is ready to open. All this time, working in the rail freight business, we have been hit many times by the fact that the qualified staff is extremely limited. We believe that education is the key to success, and for that, all these years, we invested a lot to continuously train our staff, both new and older employees. Continued development is exceedingly important with all the new technologies both in our industry and in all the others. Looking to the future of the rail industry we need the most competent and qualified staff to grow and become more efficient.

Why did we decide to make this step?

Lack of qualified staff puts pressure on the rail freight industry in Romania. One of the main problems for this industry, besides the infrastructure, is the fact that many of the existing employees are almost at the age of retirement. All the rail freight sectors have an aging workforce and there is a shortage of younger trained staff in this industry. All this can severely affect the future and dynamism of the railway sector.

The rail freight sector is facing a big crisis in the recruitment of locomotive mechanics, a crisis that, we think, is visibly affecting the Romanian, but also the European sector. Unfortunately for some time in Romania, there is no school or training center specialized in the rail freight industry, that’s why staff training has to be entirely supported by companies. We face labor shortages on all levels, starting with train managers, welders, train mechanics, technical wagon inspectors.

To compensate for the lack of vocational schools in this industry we decided to open our training center in August 2021, in the city of Brașov, from Transylvania, Romania.

What does this training center mean? What are our objectives?

We truly believe that with the right training, qualification and motivation of employees, we can make essential changes in this sector’s future. The MMV Romania Rail training center, from the city of Brașov, is a specialized center in training engine drivers. At present this is a unique opportunity in Romania for all the young generation who wants to become a professional, certificated train engine driver. Did you know that all types of locomotives require different training and certifications? Further on, different road segments, for example like the ones passing the mountains, require extra skills and certifications.

In our training center, we will organize theoretical and practical courses, for 9 months straight. After this, with practical training and working, in 2-3 years every student will be highly qualified to be a professional engine driver. The courses include theoretical knowledge, about all the processes, trains, locomotives. Besides this, there is a technical part of the training, and a practical one, with professional trainers and certified, experienced engine drivers. Those who choose to sign in to our training school, with all the schooling costs covered, will have the opportunity to join the MMV Rail Romania team.

The future of rail freight is very promising, that’s why we believe that investing in human resources is essential. We are convinced that our training center will have success and will form a team of young professionals. So if you’ve always dreamed of being a train driver, if you have a passion for trains, or if you want a bright future in this industry, it would be a shame not to be part of this project. For more information get in touch with the MMV Rail Romania team and see how you can join our project.