The year 2020 has managed to slow the world down in more aspects than one, but it also succeeded in accelerating a trend that has been on the horizon for quite a while now. Digitalization is an up-and-coming tendency that aims to influence the way we live and work by simplifying things, making them more accessible and perhaps even more easily manageable.

The rail industry has noticed the definitive advantages that digital technology can bring to the table, so many rail operators have already jumped on board and have started implementing new systems that will provide a profound transformation, beneficial to clients and companies alike. At MMV Rail Romania we have been working on integrating technologically innovative solutions to support our daily work tasks for years. Check out a few specific measures we’ve implemented in order to offer a better, more connected experience for the members of our team and our clients:

Digital technology in rail freight operations

Digitalization influences all aspects of the rail freight transportation process. It has, perhaps, the most impact on daily operational tasks. One of the first digital solutions we have implemented at MMV Rail Romania was integrating an internalized computer system, which helps us with the distribution of wagons and staff depending on availability, client requirements and optimal company functionality.  We also have an in-house employee monitoring system that digitally tracks attendance, as well as the number of working hours and holidays.

Another very useful tool we have been utilizing for a while now is the tracking and monitoring of locomotives with the help of mounted GPS devices. These devices enable us to have remote access to a handful exact parameters regarding the location, direction and other aspects of the shipment.

Furthermore, we have been also working on offering this option for our clients. A password-secured system through which they can access real-time details about their cargo is currently under development. This will be an especially useful tool for all our partners who transport their cargo via MMV Rail Romania through 4-5 different countries.

Another important operative measure we have been working on is the digitalization of official documents needed in the rail freight transportation process. We have applied for gaining access to an internal integrated system, a project that is worth 110.000 euros, which will authorize us to send and receive authorizations, legal documents and permits required before, during and after the rail transportation process.

Digitalization in trade and development

While a few years ago any rail operator’s online presence consisted of a basic website that served as an online business card, these days having a simple webpage is not enough to be visible within the industry and beyond. Rail companies have recognized the importance of the online sphere when it comes to connecting with existing and potential customers.

At MMV Rail Romania we’ve revamped our old page and turned it into a more responsive website, so we can showcase our expertise and our potential in an attractive way. We have a dedicated blog section where we post relevant information on a regular basis about the most important aspects regarding our industry. We also publish regular updates on our social pages. On Facebook we mingle with the general public, while on LinkedIn  we connect with current and potential business partners.

As the pandemic erased all chances for us to hold our yearly face-to-face meetups with members of our partner network, we decided to adapt to the times and get together online, instead of cancelling these events altogether. And so, in the middle of December we organized our first ever webinar entitled Stay Competitive in the New Landscape of Freight Logistics, which, we are happy to say, brought together most of our partners from several different countries for a good few hours of insightful talks and presentations.

As digitalization continues to gain ground and influence more and more aspects of our lives, at MMV Rail Romania we will continue the journey of implementing the most useful technological solutions to meet and exceed our client’s requirements and expectations.

Curious to find out more about how digital innovations can help your company achieve optimal rail transport solutions? Contact the MMV Rail Romania team now!