At MMV Rail Romania we believe that education is the key to success, which is why we constantly emphasize the importance of training and development programs at our firm. We strive to continuously improve the skill sets of all members of our staff, in order to stay on top of the game and provide supremely professional services for our clients. Here are the strategies that we implement in order to achieve this:

Middle Management Training Courses

Since middle managers play an important role in day-to-day operations and in working with both other employees as well as clients, they regularly participate in various types of training courses. Being a great leader is just one of their responsibilities, since they also have to manage information, make important decisions and manage teams, often all at the same time. Luckily, these skills can be learned and polished thanks to personal development and leadership programs, in which MMV Rail Romania’s middle managers participate in regular intervals.

TSI OPE and HOF Training Programs

Earlier this year our team has completed two specialized training programs in rail operations. Through the TSI OPE, known as the Technical Specifications for Interoperability Course, we’ve familiarized ourselves with the inner workings of the technical and operational standards that need to be met in order to match the basic requirements of interoperability in the European Union’s railway system. This training program has prompted us to come up with complete strategies with regards to the train composition, the transportation of hazardous materials, the safety load and the checks and tests we do on a regular basis. Since we’ve received the Safety Certificate for Rail Freight Operations in Romania and Hungary, our company needs to respect a huge list of operational standards, which have also been presented in detail during this course.

HOF refers to the Integration of Human and Organizational Factors in railway operations, an essential skillset that we believe improves the way we handle our business. In the course of this training program, we’ve learned about the human performance characteristics and the organizational aspects that are needed in order to ensure the lifelong safety and effectiveness of a system or organization. We will be implementing the HOF system into our leadership and safety policies, as well as our daily operations to increase our performance and improve our services.  

Railroad Training Programs for Engineers and Conductors

Most people aren’t aware of the fact that not all conductors are licensed to drive all types of locomotives or to tackle any type of route. Some itineraries (like going through a mountain pass) require a certain set of skills and certification, which not all conductors possess. In order to diversify the competence of our staff, train drivers are sent to various courses to learn to drive as many types of locomotives on as many types of routes as possible. At the moment there are merely 5 drivers at our company that can run the newest addition of our loco family, the Siemens Smartron, but by the end of the year new individuals will participate in operational training programs, so 10 of our employees will be accredited Smartron drivers. Engineers also participate in technical courses throughout this year, to update their knowledge and learn new, updated techniques which will come in handy when faced with diverse challenges.

Auditor Training for Environmental Safety

Rail is the most environmentally-friendly transportation option on the planet, thanks to low energy consumption and to the concrete measures taken by international agencies that aim to implement sustainable strategies to fight climate change. Our clients hold the modest environmental impact of rail in high regard and are extremely pleased be able to work with transportation partners that continuously strive to keep the environment safe. This is why in 2021 we’ve invested in a special training course, as one of our colleagues is set to become a certified auditor who will specialize in safety measures regarding the environment, which will be implemented in our organization’s daily operations. This will ensure that MMV Rail Romania functions with maximum efficiency, without neglecting the effect our actions have on our surroundings. 

All these training programs serve one main purpose: to better MMV Rail Romania’s services and to offer a wide range of options that clients can only benefit from. If you’d like to learn more about our company’s activities, feel free to contact a member of our team!