Our team receives inquiries daily about the cost of rail freight transport. Potential clients often seem to be dumbfounded about the fact that they cannot find a pricelist for our services showcased on our website. This is not because of lack of transparency, but rather due to the fact that there are several aspects that need to be taken into consideration when calculating the cost of freight services. Read on to find out more about why this is such a complex procedure:

Factors that influence the cost of rail freight services

The volume of the merchandise and the route distance are two of the main “ingredients” that have the most influence on your rail freight transport costs. It’s important to note that in the case of rail the longer the route, the more cost-effective the services.

The type of cargo one wishes to transport is also of significance when it comes to pricing, as each type of merchandise has a different fee that needs to be taken into account. Hazardous goods, for example, require special containers that provide optimum conditions and zero chance of deterioration during the transportation journey. These have different costs than, say, platforms that transport vehicles or raw materials like wood.

The place of pick-up and the drop-off destination can also impact your final pricing, as various stations have distinctive fees that need to be paid by rail operators and businesses shipping their cargo. Speaking of rail operators, operative fees that include HR and maintenance costs should also not be overlooked.

Optional services and complex packages

If you head over to our webpage enlisting the services of MMV Rail Romania, you’ll find that besides rail freight forwarding we also offer a wide palette of complementary services as well. These extras which include, but are not limited to, shunting, loading and unloading, logistics, storing merchandise, counseling and advising are optional elements which can help your freight forwarding journey, but they are not in any way mandatory if you wish to partner with us.

In addition to the options mentioned above, you can also request insurance to protect your cargo, which guarantees that you won’t suffer any financial damages in case of unpredictable occurrences that may happen during the transportation process. This comes at a surcharge, however it is highly recommended to all clients to ensure protection and peace of mind.

In order to stay in the know, clients of MMV Rail Romania can also benefit from the newest digitalization tools that will help them track their shipment 24/7. GPS devices mounted on our locomotives enable us to offer you a password-secured system only you and your team have access to, where you can receive real-time information about your cargo, such as location, direction and others. 

Tailor-made solutions for every company’s specific needs

The type of services you opt for depend entirely on you, your company and your exact business requirements. At MMV Rail Romania we always put our clients first and strive to form deep connections in order to understand our partner’s specific needs and aspirations.

Our team of experts is devoted to providing the most cost-effective outcome in a timely manner. Our cooperative, malleable mindset ensures a responsive strategy and optimum results for your company. Offering tailor-made solutions perfectly in line with each customer’s business needs and requirements is our top goal. Our client-centered services have enabled us throughout the years to have a regular client base that relies on us and trusts us when it comes to all things regarding rail freight transport. If you’d like to find out more about the options available to you along with the specific costs of your rail freight demands, feel free to contact a member of our team today!